JavaScript & jQuery Plugins For Responsive Template

Posted on May 2, 2013

Adapt.Js For Responsive Template

Adapt.js is a Javascript solution and an excellent alternative to the CSS media queries. Using @media approach is good practice, but this does not work for all browsers. Nathan Smith, the creator of 960 Grid System, released Adapt.js, a very lightweight javascript library to overcome this problem.

Isotope jQuery plugin For Responsive Template

Isotope is an amazing jQuery plugin, which proves to be very useful while designing a responsive design. It not only helps to rearrange the elements of a page when the browser window is resized or the screen size is smaller, but it also helps to filter those elements.

Masonry jQuery plugin For Responsive Template

Masonry is an excellent jQuery plugin, which is used to create dynamic and adaptive layouts. This plugin helps to rearrange the elements in your responsive design, so they can fit better in the open-spots on the grid.

Respond.js JavaScript For Responsive Template

Respond.js is a fast and lightweight (3 Kb minified and 1 Kb gzipped) script, whose main aim is to enable responsive web design in those which don’t support the CSS3 Media Queries, like IE browsers.

TinyNav.js JavaScript For Responsive Template

TinyNav.js is a small and lightweight jQuery plugin, only 362 bytes, that converts big navigation lists into small dropdown menus for smaller screens.

Wookmark jQuery plugin For Responsive Template

Wookmark is a jQuery plugin that detects the browser window size and automatically arranges the elements of the page into columns. You can also see a live preview at the bottom of the page itself.


  1. Great template, thank i take one

  2. It's been a few years since Javascript and especially jQuery - which simplifies and standardizes its use - continue to be used more and more. Today this technology is easier to exploit thanks to the installation of plugins, that is to say, small modules of code. It has never been easier than today to make a site ergonomic, original and attractive!

    These plugins allow you to turn any bland site into a rich, intuitive, interactive and ergonomic site, including on mobile. Plugins are categorized into several categories for you to easily find: navigation effects/scroll / parallax, plugins for navigation menus, sliders and slideshows, lightbox, dynamic layout in multi-column grid, tooltips, customizations of elements interaction (calendar, drop-down menu, scrollbar, etc ...), and much more or less unclassifiable ... but still useful!. These amazing Obgyn Websites Design are example of ergonomic and responsive sites.

    Their implementation is usually very simple. Depending on the plugin and its capabilities, its use and settings vary from very easy to more advanced for connoisseurs. This list is limited to few plugins, can you please add more plugings?


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